Advanced Scenario - Section Control

Advanced Scenario - Section Control

For detailed information on the Equipment Explorer tool and how to create a Basic Scenario please follow: Equipment Explorer - Basic Scenario

Comparison example:  No section control compared to a piece of equipment with 5 sections that are independentaly turned on and off.

Advanced Scenario - Section Control

When a user selects the "Number of Sections" parameter for an Equipment Explorer scenario this will add the ability to enter the number of sections that are controlled one each piece of equipment.  The number of sections will be evenly split based off of the Swath Width entered.  Entering this information will allow the calculation for overlap to accurately represent where the product is being seeded/applied/harvested.    The minimum requirement for calculation is to have a swath width entered for both "Owned Equipment" and 'New Equipment".

To add the parameter for GPS Precision click on the "+ Number of Sectio" button at the bottom of the scenario builder.

Enter the Number of Sections that are controlled for each piece of equipment to compare.  

To calculate the scenario insure that all required and desired parameters are added to the scenario builder. When ready hit the "Calculate" Button to run the scenario calculations.

While the scenario is calculating you will be presented with a loading screen and progress bar:

Once the scenario is finished being calculated you will be presented with the final Equipment Explorer Scenario Results. 
      - Looking in the Equipment section you will see that the number of sections are displayed.  
      - Looking at the Planned Overlap Area of the results, the Coverage overlap is greatly reduced since we are taking into account that there are 16 independent sections that are being shut off reducing the overlap in tern also reducing product usage substantially.  

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