How to Sync/Update the boundaries in LaunchPad with MyJohnDeere

How to Sync/Update the boundaries in LaunchPad with MyJohnDeere

How to Sync/Update your boundaries in LaunchPad from MyJohnDeere

While logged in, the user can follow the process below to manually request LaunchPad update any modified fields from MyJohnDeere

  1. Click on Menu

  2. Choose Land

  3. Click the “Sync” button in the upper left under the Organization selection drop down.
    - This will manually triggers a request to Deere to verify that we have the most updated fields/boundary. If ours are outdated we will update to the current boundary in MyJohnDeere.

  4. A Dialog box will pop up and notify the user that the sync is in progress and the company/MJD Organization that is being Synced

  5. A green check will let the user know the sync was successful. Click “Close” to close the dialog box.

The Last Synced date/time will update just above the “Sync” button verifying the sync was successful.

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